“I suffered severely on and off with whiplash following a car accident a number of years ago. Having tried various conventional and complementary therapies (which to some extent alleviated the pain to a greater or lesser degree while I was having treatment) I didn’t find anything that helped me to control the pain long term.

A friend suggested that I try craniosacral therapy and I began a course of treatment with Lol approx 1 year ago. I noticed a marked and lasting reduction in pain following 6 sessions with Lol.

I now go to Lol fortnightly and the whiplash symptoms have practically stopped. I only get the pain back when I overexert my left shoulder. I also have treatment for sinusitis which has helped greatly. I find that fortnightly sessions keep the whiplash symptoms at bay and improve my overall wellbeing.”

Y. T.,  Regional Development Consultant

“It seems so little happens so quietly but the gain has been so much.
I feel as if I have been given a differently coloured world and a new pair of eyes to see it.
It's like carrying a secret happiness in the body that can only expand.”
                                                                                      Karin Warne, Artist & Teacher

“I lay on the sheepskins and surrendered my body, my aching painful back, and trusted into the process of having a healing session. I had not really experienced an actual ‘craniosacral’ treatment before.

As I dropped deeper and deeper into the stillness, letting thoughts drop away, I felt gentle hands, first on my head then on my sacrum. There were feelings of powerful movement inside, as if stretching the inside of all of my bones. As I dropped deeper into a beautiful meditation, I saw myself dancing with another being. There was no recognition, but we moved together in a gentle sensual dance of healing. Moving, flowing, intertwining and tender. I felt very moved, very blissful, for quite some time afterwards.

My back is now on the mend and I am dancing freely.”

Caroline Carey, 5 Rhythms teacher and School of Movement Medicine teacher & coach